Frequently Asked Questions

Ally Ring is a MOVEMENT designed to empower millions of people to be more effective allies to others who have been marginalized.

  • The rings are a symbol of our commitment to being more effective allies.
  • We are part of a community of like-minded people who share that commitment, all doing our part.
  • The Ally Ring team provides ongoing information, support and encouragement to members of the community so we can continue to learn and grow.

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The Ally Ring movement is about unity and equity for all.  It starts with a racial focus, and we believe that learning to be a better ally to people of color will translate easily to being a better ally to anyone who has been marginalized based on race, gender, sexual identity, disabilities, or any other criteria.

A performative gesture is when we declare a commitments but do not take action to back it up.  The Ally Ring movement is all about helping people remember how important today’s social justice issues are and inspiring and supporting people to take action on an ongoing basis to resolve them.

The Ally Ring approach is based not on the idea that people need to be saved but that all people deserve to be treated equally and have equal opportunities.  We encourage our community members to not approach issues or conversations from the point of view that they know best, that others need their help, or by doing something focused on making themselves feel better. Instead focus on doing something to help solve some systemic issue or problem that directly impacts the people they might otherwise be perceived as trying to “save”.  CLICK HERE or HERE to learn more by reading a short article about white saviorism.

There is a LOT of work to be done, so it is important for each of us to realize where we are now and then take whatever our next steps are toward creating more unity and equity in the world.  Yes, we can do even more than being an effective ally, and yes, for most of us, being a better ally would be an excellent start.

This practice is designed to be a more effective approach than going immediately from increased awareness to direct action, which people often do with the best of intentions but find that such a reactive approach does not create the results or experiences they want.  Heres a better way to respond BETWEEN Awareness and Action:

  1. Pause – Become fully present and open minded.
  2. Self-Reflect – Remember what brought you to these conversations.
  3. Learn – Become more aware of the language, history and other elements of the issue you are focused on.
  4. Find Your Place in the Conversation – There are too many issues for any of us to be able to solve on our own, but each one of us can find a place in the conversation where we can make a very real difference….

Then, and only then, take inspired action…

We suggest telling people that the ring is a symbol of your commitment to being an effective ally to people who are not treated equally.  Share with them about some of the actions you are taking, make it clear that you are still learning yourself, let them know you are part of a community of people who share your commitment, and invite them to join us!

If you have more questions, simply email, and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.